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Winter Season Automotive Maintenance And Safety

 Winter is an important time to pay attention to your cars maintenance. With harsher climate and increased traveling, the safety of your family depends on your vehicles performance and condition. There are several components that are effected just from the colder temperature including the battery, tires, hoses and fluids. Batteries tend to get drained, tire pressures change and hoses have… Read More
Holley EFI Holley Performance Equipment Performance 

Famous Race Car Powered By Holley EFI

The "Big Red Camaro" is like no other race car. In it's 30 year career, it has competed in the La Carrera race in Mexico, the Silver State race in Nevada, the world famous Salt Flats of Bonneville, the treacherous Pikes Peak Hill Climb in the Rocky Mountains, or the flat-out speed of the Mojave Mile to name a few.… Read More
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Check Engine Light

While your Check Engine light does not usually indicate there is a major problem or catastrophe about to happen, you shouldn't ignore it. You should immediately check your temperature gauge for overheating and check your engine oil level just to be safe. In most cases, it is a minor problem related to sensors or other system electronics that can easily… Read More
Dyno Testing Facility and Dyno Tuning Services in Pensacola Florida Dyno Tuning In Pensacola Performance 

Professional Dyno Tuning Facility In Pensacola

 Key Auto Hospital not only uses the newest Dyno equipment from Dynocom, Inc. but we also have experienced and certified technicians that know how to correctly and beneficially utilize it. Some Dyno Tuning Shops can only offer services for late model cars. Key Auto Hospital can Dyno test and tune late model fuel injected cars AND naturally aspirated engines. Your… Read More
Auto Repair Shops and Mechanics In Orange Beach Auto Repair In Orange Beach Auto Repairs 

Automotive Repair Shop In Orange Beach Alabama

Traveling can be hard on your automobile for several reasons. Besides the obvious extra miles, usually on the interstate at higher than usual speeds, other factors may be as simple as the change in climate and temperature.Many things can go wrong and even the simplest car troubles can be near impossible to repair when you are out of town. Lucky… Read More

Review Us On Google

We would like to ask our satisfied customers to take a quick minute and let others know about us by leaving a Google review. If you are at our location, you probably have a location icon at the top of your phone. Just select it and you should be prompted to either add a photo or review. If you don't… Read More
Holley Performance parts sales, installations and service in Pensacola Florida Dyno Tuning In Pensacola Holley Performance Equipment Performance 

Holley Performance Product Sales And Installation Services

Hey Gear Heads! Did you know that Holley, Inc. Brand performance products has encompassed virtually every other brand we have all known to love and trust over the years? The days of searching the world over for all the right parts are gone. No need to struggle on matching different equipment from different manufacturers and hoping they work well together.… Read More
Custom fabricated exhaust services in Pensacola Florida custom exhausts Mufflers 

Custom Made Exhausts And Installations

We provide sales and installation of stock exhausts and mufflers, aftermarket exhausts and mufflers, catalytic converters, and even custom fabricated exhausts and installations. From popular brands like Flowmaster to custom fabricated exhausts for your performance project, Key Auto Hospital has you covered. We are one of very few shops around with the necessary equipment needed for pipe bending and retrofitting… Read More
Key Auto Hospital is the only Holley Certified EFI Technicians in Pensacola Florida Holley Performance Equipment Performance 

Certified Holley Performance Technicians In Pensacola

We are the ONLY Holley Performance EFI Certified Speed Shop Technicians in Pensacola. Key Auto Hospital can install and calibrate your Holley Performance parts and accessories. Holley Brand performance products have been the industry leader among auto enthusiasts for decades. Their modern day state of the art Electronic Fuel Injection systems are no exception and live up to the Holley… Read More