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Oil Changes And Lube Services

Auto maintenance is not a difficult task. You most likely have a lot invested into your automobile. Besides the amount of money you spend purchasing them and the resale value you hope to get back, most of us have a personal attachment that makes us WANT to take good care of them. Taking care your car is a very simple task and will ALWAYS pay off in the end. The most basic and simple task you MUST keep up with are the oil changes. Your vehicle consists of endless moving parts and they ALL depend on oil to keep them moving. Believe it or not, oil is more critical than gas.
The common oil change interval is every 3,500 miles or 3 months depending on which comes first. This is for "conventional" oil. Most newer vehicles use either a 50/50 "Synthetic" blend or full synthetic oil. This type of oil usually has a longer life giving upwards to 10,000 miles in between changing intervals. However, you should know your automobile enough to be able to feel when it needs fresh oil according to how it performs. You will notice the differences as it nears the mile marker. You don't have to depend on your abilities to keep up with this as most lube shops, auto maintenance facilities will put a very small sticker on your windshield right in front of you with your next suggested return/ interval date.
ALWAYS remember, You rely on it and it relies on you. If you take good care of it, it will take good care of you. But if you let it down, it will probably do the same. And if you're driving a used car, wouldn't you have wanted the prior owner to have done the same?
Key Auto Hospital uses the highest quality petroleum based or synthetic lubricants giving your vehicle the best protection, performance and life expectancy. You can't change the miles traveled, but we can help with the ones ahead. Contact Key Auto Hospital to schedule your next oil change.

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