Dyno Tuning In Pensacola

Dyno Tuning And Testing

We now have a fully operational Dyno Tuning Center featuring the newest equipment from Dynocom, Inc., the Dynocom 7500  Dynamometer. We can test at speeds up to 225 M.P.H. The Dynocom 7500 dynamometer is an extremely advanced, sophisticated and accurate machine that can test and measure every nuance and detail of your performance vehicle. It features a Dual Wheel platform to ensure no digit is overlooked.

Dyno tuning and testing in Pensacola Florida

The Dynocom 7500

The Dynocom 7500 Series dynamometer is capable of supporting speeds up to 225+ MPH and 7500 ft lbs of torque. The maximum axle weight is 6,500 lbs and the track width range is 0"-86". • Bi-Directional roller for testing of both RWD and FWD vehicles. Gorgeous and functional in stainless steel, automatic wheelbase adjustment included. The 7500 series models all utilize Dynocom's patented taper shaft design - which allows for the highest torque, speed and smoothest operation of any roller in the dynamometer industry. The Dynocom 7500 was designed for a variety of different testing scenarios – FWD/RWD Drag Cars, Sport Compacts, Trucks, Motorcycles and ATV’s.

Dynocom dynamometers utilize the most advanced roll speed sensors in the industry. While the competition’s sensors sample about 20-60 sample/RPM, Dynocom’s sensor samples at over 100 samples/RPM. This means that the Dynocom sensor is much more sensitive which provides the end user with the most detailed information possible.


Maximum Torque
7500 ft lbs
Maximum Speed
Maximum Horsepower
Drum Diameter
Drum Width
Minimum Axle Width
Maximum Axle Width
Maximum Axle Weight
7500 lbs
Crated Weight
3800 lbs
Air Requirements
60 PSI
Timing Accuracy
+/-0.1 μS
Drum Speed Accuracy
+/-1/1000th MPH
RPM Accuracy
+/-1/100th RPM

Dyno tuning and testing in Pensacola Florida

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