Preventive And Scheduled Maintenance

Automobile maintenance is extremely important for many reasons. Performance, safety and longevity are a few reasons you should take proper care of your car. For example, if you change your oil at least every 3,600 miles it will ensure you get the most possible miles out of your engine. A simple tune up consisting of new spark plugs, air filter etc. is a great way to maximize your vehicles fuel efficiency. Making sure you have good tires gives your car the traction you need to manuever around road hazzards and avoid potential accidents. Contact Key Auto Hospital in Perdido Key to schedule your car maintenance service today.


A simple tune up and oil change can drastically improve your automobiles performance, driveability and life expectancy. We provide fast and affordable auto maintenance, tune ups and oil changes. All maintenance is performed to manufacturers specifications. Putting off a tune up can lead to more extensive damage costing money and possibly shortening your vehicles life expectancy. Making sure you keep your car in optimum driving condition will even help your fuel mileage. We also provide winterizing and fluid flushing to protect your car throughout the cold months of winter.


Brakes Squeak? We can check them out and keep you safe. Brakes and tires are not something you should ever overlook or let go until they are not in proper working order. It is a good idea to rotate your tires every other time you get an oil change. This will make them last longer. Brake pads and rotors can last a really long time if properly maintained so there is no good excuse to delay getting new tires mounted and balanced and installing new brake pads. Does your car "pull" or drive "funny"? We can determine what the root of the problem is. Key Auto Hospital can also perform an emissions diagnostics to determine if your auto is still performing to the original manufacturers specifications and EPA regulations. Car too loud? Car too quiet? We have a fix for that. We know you have to live with your car, we want you to love it too.


With proper regular maintenance of other components such as engines, transmissions, shocks and struts means they usually do not need to be repaired for many miles. Unfortunately there comes a time when you might need to perform repairs. When this time comes, Key Auto Hospital can rebuild or replace everything from installing new crate motors, rebuilding existing engines, transmission rebuilds, and new suspension or shocks, struts or leaf springs.

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